John W

May 24, 2010
When I think of you
So many things come to mind
I see a self driven
Determined guy.
Headed for great success in life.
I remember the time
You promised to take me fishing
And to get green popsicles
Because you knew they were my favorite
But we could never find a time
Because of our hectic, busy lives.
And those long bus rides home from school
When even though I denied it,
You could tell when something was wrong
And you would bug me until I told you
When you would offer better advice than anyone.

But now you are off
Training to earn the right to wear
one of the most respected uniforms in our country
to defend the rights of everyone
although you are only training right now,

I’m already scared
Scared I might loose
one of the most influential people in my life
before I get the chance to go fishing
and eat green popsicles on a warm summer day
with my best friend.

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