One Night

May 24, 2010
She pulled into the park where he said he would be waiting
Her black car drove through the narrow road
Cutting through the dark woods
leading to the paved parking lot.
When she gets there, she sees him
Sitting on the back of his pick up truck wearing his favorite sweatshirt
She gets out of her car and they walk over to a patch of grass
It is a bit damp but the two best friends don’t think twice
They lay down right next to each other
Looking up at the starry sky.
Silence takes over the whole park
Until he sparks a conversation with her
They talk and talk for hours on end laying in the dew filled lawn
Completely carefree
He puts his strong, muscular arm around her neck
Then and there, she realizes that she has fallen in love
Her heart begins to race
and as she tries to stop the feelings from becoming to strong.
She realizes that she can’t.
There is no stopping the way she is falling for her best friend.
She told him the truth about the way she was feeling.

They tried being more than friends
Many times.
But it seemed that it never worked out.
She will never forget the night that she fell for her best friend
And changed their friendship forever.

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