May 24, 2010
By McKenna Jasek BRONZE, Austim, Texas
McKenna Jasek BRONZE, Austim, Texas
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I walked into my room
It was quiet…
Too quiet
Nothing seemed right
CD’s were in different place than where I left them
My bed was unmade
My fan was turned off, but papers still swayed as if it was still on

I suspected many things…
My sister,
My parents,
Or something even worse…
A ghost

All of the sudden I was trapped
The door closed
Then it locked
My room shook and I fell down to the floor
Papers flew everywhere…
But the fan was not on
Lights flickered on and off like they were having a panic attack

I didn’t know what to do
Too scared to move…
Too scared to breathe…
The worst part of all-
My computer turned on by itself
Letters were written on a word document.
I went over to look
It said, “HELP!”

The author's comments:
I like writing fiction pieces, and this piece is not real. I like writing about ghosts because they make the writing have a spooky feeling.

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