May 24, 2010
By , Henderson , NV
I am unheard, I am alone.
Life becoming as dry as a bone
Screaming in a crowded room
No one hearing, casting an inescapable gloom
Save me from this maddening Earth
Let me witness happiness' birth
Freedom is a forever away
You unfairly keep my soul at bay
Unlock my flesh anchor, so I can soar over the clouds
Rip the seams of my poisonous bounds
I hate the sadness overtaking me
Please God, Please let me be
Torturing me with depressing, unrighteous damnation
Sick of yearning the deadly touch, and being patient
I've endured purgatory long enough
Just release these mind bending cuffs
Look at me and see despair
But no one looks enough to care
If I could take pain I would be brave
They would look at me and see I'm worth being saved
But, I can't it's quite unbearable
And I burden them all something terrible
If you keep me here I shall perish slowly
You hate me God, you like seeing me lonely
So release me now so I can never be afraid again
I am so sorry for all my horrible sins
Hear my prayer, listen well
'Cus anythings gotta be better then this Hell

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