The Cup of Spring

May 24, 2010
By , Spokane, WA
Spring is a favorable season of mine.
Know why?
Because in winter…
It’s frostbite cold.
I shiver so violently I look like a hummingbird’s wings.
My nerves stand on end like the fur on a frightened cat’s spine.
My eyes are scarred from seeing nothing but white for months.
Then the snow melts like a foot by foot ice cube in the summer heat.
Then spring finally makes its appearance as steady as a butterfly’s wings beat against the wind.
Now it’s croissant-fresh-out-of-the-oven warm outside.
Now I stand firm as an oak.
Now my nerves are so relaxed they would slip off my bones if it wasn’t for my skin.
Now my eyes gorge themselves with the innumerable delicious colors.
Now my nose invites the numerous scents wafting within the air.
Now my body drinks in this bliss;
Drinks it in so deeply,
From the Cup of Spring,
That I am at total and complete peace;
With myself,
And the earth.

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