Reasons Unclear

May 24, 2010
By NoOneKnows93 GOLD, Colfax, California
NoOneKnows93 GOLD, Colfax, California
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A girl only needs three things in her life: LOVE to make her weak, ALCHOHOL to make her strong, and FRIENDS to pick her up when the first two make her hit the ground.

What if I had never met you?
You would never have changed my life.
You wouldn’t have made me laugh
You wouldn’t have made me cry
You wouldn’t have gotten on my nerves
Or made the time fly by
You wouldn’t have broke my heart
Then put it back together
You wouldn’t have promised me
That what we had would last forever
But you had to leave
And I’m left here wondering
What if
How would my life be now,
If I had never met you?
But I did and that won’t revise
How you made me laugh and cry
You won’t come back and I’m left behind
The time we lost won’t rewind
But I won’t forget those special times
Like our first kiss or last goodbye
But in the end you had to leave
And all this time I’m wondering
What if?

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