Mei Laoshi

May 24, 2010
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Grain by grain
White morcel by white morcel
Mellissa Moy sits eating her steamed rice
Whilst she sits she sees a picture of the home land.
A sereen image of a farmer in the fields.
A memory of her childhood.
She sits in a daze as she remembers the smells come back
the smell of the moon cakes made for the night when the moon shines its brightest, the smell of the popped rice from that kind man who travels from town to town,the smell of the night on double 7 when you can see the farmer and his wife seperated by the river the queen of heaven drew in the sky so many moons ago.
She remembers it all
Each memory a diffrent smell:
red beans, rice, and rivers flowing through the night.
she sees the world around her and realises all that is diffrent.
All that has been left behind.
Her heart and soul
Because even though her body is here
Her desire is to be where her true self lives amoungst the people of the middle kingdom

Mellissa packs her books and computer into her car
Sits down and puts on her glaces
Cranks up the Butterfly Lovers on the radio and off she goes.
In a hurry to school
The music of the lovers fills the air
She thinks of the part of the legend of the lovers
where Zhu Yingtai's family has a feast at her home.
The smells of the feast fill her car with:
Dumplings, beef and brocolli, and fragrant meat in the west known as mans best friend.
She turns the corner and sees the school
Apon entering the parkinglot she sees a problem student
Her car immediatly fills up with the putrid corpse like scent of durian fruit.

3rd hour and the smell of durian still faint in her nose
Then as she walks into the class room unusually late she sees her students
She sees happy faces of boys and girls
The scent of durian disappears
And in its place rushes the scent of flan for the days flan bake off
The students are fooling around
And she realizes that she would rater be no where else
And if she likes she can stay forever because she is always welcome
Because this is her home

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