June 6, 2010
By Anonymous

911 was a tragic day,
It was the day when the sky turned grey.
A catastrophic day that went down in history,
The minds of many will not stray way,
From the day, the sky turned grey.

We think we are hurt, we think we are wounded,
However, recover we will.
Our children will know, and their children will ask.
Further that them, it will all be a story, a myth,
For forgetting will be the task.

The towers will be rebuilt,
As good as gold in the setting sun.
They will be taller and brilliant,
And more magnificent than ever before.
And now twins like before.

It is our duty now to forget, to think ahead.
It will soon be a memory, as was December 7, 1941.
It is our duty as citizens of this great city to rebuild and walk away.
Soon, many will forget about the day the sky turned to grey,
This day is not upon us, but hopefully soon it will come, as we pray.

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