He Wishes for an Angel's Love

May 23, 2010
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I have lost my weary heart
--upon thy first gaze
And never was I so quickly consumed
--by such a beloved haze
Of alluring sensation gently tearing me apart
--In such beautiful form; so fairly
Blessed by the one who made way with my heart,
--A snow-white Angel of amber hair
---so carefully part.

And aye, when that heaven sent
--Angel is so elegantly present,
Form floating palpable and near -
--Embracing a delicate aurulent rose in hand,
---Showered in sweet morning due;
Hailed the finest of beauties
--so resilient and true,
"Beg not to be forlourn..."
--Whispered that merciful angel, softly in my ear,
"For it is I who had stolen your Heart."

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