The Words

May 21, 2010
Scared, Alone
The words no one wants to be
No one wants to be haunted by
People are afraid to be alone
Others frightened to be scared
For some loneliness is reality
Being scared is their life
For others it's both
Hurt, Sadness
The words no one wants to feel
The words no one wants to say
Being hurt inside with uncontrollable pain haunts them
Overwhelming sadness consumming them on a daily basis is terrifying
Hurting on the inside is part of thier daily life
Sadness overcomes others
For some both consume them
One feeding another
Making he sadness and hurting grow
The words that no one wants
Or be haunted and consumed by
Scared people become alone
Alone people are hurt
Hurting on the inside turns into sadness
Sadness consumes them
The words that no one wants to be
Are the realities for some

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