I Am Many Things

May 24, 2010
By Anonymous

I am from Jersey City,
From friendly and White-O,
I am from quiet,
From ranch, blue, white, long and broken front door,
I am from an ugly weeping willow tree,
From a busy street and creepy old neighbors,
I am from big and orange,
From falling down stairs and hurting my ankle,
Being hurt continuously, there are random facts,
About me you can learn from my posters and trophies.

I am from toys,
From action figures and trophies,
I am from annoying,
From loud, controlling, scary, crazy and evil,
I am from unfairness and mistakes,
From baby and dad,
I am from “Motu mumi” and “Papa”,
From caring and forgetful,
Much like my family, emotions are emphasized,
And it all come from India.

I am from teacher,
From principal and vice principal,
I am from crowded,
From the light switch on the other side of the door and being laughed at,
I am from a garden,
From a shed and loud snoring,
I am from loud sneezing,
From Tony Stark and expensive electronic things,
I am from knock hockey,
From Clifford the Big Red Dog and By, By, By.

I am from a slide instead of stairs,
From spending a summer with my cousins and no parents,
I am from Housey because it is a house,
From drooling a lot and smiling a lot,
I am from Indian food,
From a broken clock used just for show and my dad’s chicken that smells spicy,
I am from an ugly sweater vest,
From my itouch given to me from my brother when I was fourteen,
I am from my brother because be look, talk, act and dress alike,
From Rudy Gonzalez and funny, shy, smart, and cool,
Whom I no longer know.

The author's comments:
That is what I am.

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