May 21, 2010
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When they turned me away
It was like the world stopped turning
It froze with the slowly approaching winter

The stars stood dead still with the cold moon
The air as quiet as my confused mind
The pattern as broken as my frozen heart

My tears fell
My guitar rusted
My amp died, I died with it

Now every day I watch

Every breath escape my shuddering lungs
Every question escape my screaming mouth
Every idea escape my fading sanity

I am nothing

Without my family of strings, skins and screams
I feel no music, I have no idea
I see no point, I hear nothing new
I smell nothing familiar, I taste nothing appealing

The songs of my past haunt me
Your well-known future tortures me
The suffering of my present is killing me

There's only one way to end this
How long
Can I hold on?
How long
Will you hold on?

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