Forever Laid To Rest

May 21, 2010
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As the smiling man left for work, and kissed his wife goodbye,
He could clearly see the worried look set deep in his wife’s eyes.
“Don’t worry dear, I’ll be fine. It’s just another day.”
But once he was gone, something didn’t feel right, so she kneeled down to pray.
As soon as the phone rang, she knew something was very, very wrong.
The seconds it took her to reach the phone seemed to take way too long.
As she heard the news aloud, she couldn’t think, she couldn’t feel.
She gasped for air as the room began to spin. Was this true? Was this real?
For moments she couldn’t move, until suddenly she snapped.
Images of her husband flooded her mind. Images of him trapped.
How could she have let him go? Why let him work in a coal mine?
She had known in the pit of her stomach, all along, that everything WOULDN’T turn out fine.
Two eyes peered up at her, so wide and scared with alarm.
So the frightened new mother cuddled her babe in her arms.
She thought of her daughter, who wouldn’t remember her dad,
She thought of all the memories and the good times they hadn’t yet had.
As she ran to the site, and past the caution tape,
She was taken a distance from the hole that allowed some poisonous gas to escape.
Not allowed to go closer, wishing to hear him call,
Tears hit the ground knowing she could do nothing at all.
Stuck inside the mine, the husband was simply forced to wait.
Could the rescuers get him out soon enough? Or would it simply be too late?
Another body brought out, limp and already gone,
Not him. A sigh of relief, yet another sigh longed.
Days passed and flew by. The death toll accepted to be twenty-nine,
But her husband was never to be found. Forever laid to rest in the Virginia coal mine.

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