Go Green

May 21, 2010
By kGriff BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
kGriff BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
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Please go green
We need to keep the earth clean
It really isn’t that hard to do
There just needs be things done by you

So plant some trees
And grow some flowers for the bees
Do not litter
That is just bitter

Give a helping hand
And go clean up some land
Turn off that light
You really don’t need that much at night

Don’t drive the car
Because you really don’t need to go that far
Be a man
And recycle that can

We need to stop those dangerous fumes
Because they might send us to our tombs
Turn off the air
That will show you care

When you take shower
Don’t take an hour
Grow a garden in your yard
It’s not that hard

Go plant a tree
There is no fee
Clean a river
These are some things you can do to deliver

So please help keep this earth clean
Because it is the only way to go green

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