As We Know It

May 21, 2010
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We take a bite
Ice melting, oceans rising
Decades of denials
Has now come to this overheated world
The future is blurred
No one knows what is going to become

We take a bite
The world
An apple
Both very similar, both complex
Bits and pieces falling apart
Bite after Bite
Layered in a thin skin
Vulnerable in the inside
The world
An apple
Much is the same

If we kill this earth, we cannot start a new one
The world is changing
Not just the moon shifting shapes
Not just the sun moving farther away
Not just the earth revolving around heat
But the people inside

We have drilled all the way to the core
Only a few bites are left
Savor each moment
Each bite
The world is changing
As We Know It

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