A Webb Kids Thing

May 21, 2010
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To grandmas house they come every weekend
Playing on the aged, sun-soaked, swing set
The strong smell of grandpa’s freshly cut grass in the air
The silky, black, German Shepherd, Kurgan, yanking on his chain, eager to play with the kids
The children joyfully rung to the hill and log roll all the way down, laughing
The energetic birds chirping in the trees as the kids play
Giggling, the girls run to the front yard to help grandma in the colorful garden
While the boys run to the dilapidated old tool shed to fetch the bikes
Laughter and fun swirl around the big white house as squirrels run up the giant oak and prickly pine trees
Lunch eventually comes around as the children are at their most joyful
The smell of warm Sloppy Joes fills their noses as they rejoice for their favorite meal
They hear the ruffling of bun bags and the clanking of sunny yellow plates
The children bite into their delicious Sloppy Joes with potato chips on the side
Full and satisfied, the children run outside to soak up more sun
The bright, big, warm, luminous, wonderful, yellow, sun
The sun was the highlight of everyday they had
It provided their eternal joy for the day
The grass between their toes was the best feeling at the moment
Having no shoes is a majority of their life
Dirty feet every night
They have to watch out for the ever evil sticker bushes hurting their feet
Summer days and weekends at grandmas
In the glorious sun with cousins
Laughter all around
Bike rides, walks, and playing in the yard
It’s obviously, A Webb Kids Thing

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