Can You Solve Love?

May 21, 2010
By Anonymous

What is love?
There is no question to love....
There is no answer to love....
There is no resolution or solution to love....
but yet people still find a way to roam in loves depths. Some come out to find nothing...others start with love and end with. Love doesnt need any scietific theory or mathematical equation that needs to proved. Love is the one thing that has little to no limits. Those who try find love fail because love can only find you. Love can be simple and complicated depending on how you handle it. Love can make or break. Create or destroy. Turn you stronger but make you weaker. It never leaves a persons soul because relationship after relationship peple vow to never love again but then they eat their words when they find themselves falling within. Love can never die making it into a weapon that can never be destroyed. Love has contradincting worlds like demons and angels. Love is a mindless game. A torchured vein. love can be innocent. If you are reading this then you should see that love does not have a logical explantion or defintion. Something that you can't control. Love live inside us and waits to be opened so it can be poureed into someone else's heart.

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