It’s Just… Him

May 21, 2010
By emi-chan GOLD, Brownsville, Texas
emi-chan GOLD, Brownsville, Texas
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the world ended when you said nothing

I always, I don’t know, ‘find’ him
And my head is messed up again
No matter what we never agree
I like that, since I see what he sees
How do I explain my beating heart
If I don’t know when it ends or starts
It could automatically stop real fast
And I hold my face still ‘til he’d pass
Don’t even get me start on his touch
If he were to hug, it would be too much
I’m all flustered just by the sight of him
But he doesn’t see he’s very very dim
He did something to me over the year
If I can’t think when I know he’s near
I must be sick, because when I see him grin
Any race to my paralyzed heart, he’d win
Oh what made me suddenly have this feel
Is it me, is it the air, or is it just…. Him
And should I mention his brilliant smile?
It woos any type of girls from yards to miles
Oh yes its true what I feel is actually love
But why is it my heart can’t get enough
Is it really my fault what I feel within
Or really, It’s Just… Him

The author's comments:
i'm in love what else can i say..

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