May 21, 2010
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Running is easy. Standing still is hard.
When you run,
you don't really hold yourself up,
all support is handled
by the benevolent forces
of momentum
of gravity.
All that you need to do is
point your legs in the right direction,
and then say go.
When you run
you move too fast to think
all that you can hear is
the white noise
the rush of
wind in your ears
all you can taste
is sweat
your own breath
pumping in and out
of your throat
blooding beating
through your veins
at an even rhythm.
You only see what you choose.
Movement is an anesthetic
more potent
than any drug.
And then there is standing.
In standing
in stillness
all your body is held
in only you.
It is your muscles
that hold your weight
not any other force of nature
your mind fixes on anything it can
and holds it
You see
everything that is there
the world is forced on your mind
filling your
your ears
your eyes
You cannot escape
because the stillness
holds your wriggling heart
In stillness
there is only
no wall
no way around
the world that
looks you in the eyes.

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