Rough Draft

May 14, 2010
By heartsongpoet SILVER, Des Moines, Iowa
heartsongpoet SILVER, Des Moines, Iowa
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“Rough draft”

This is the rough draft of my life
I cannot see the future so I cannot finalize this American heart song
Of a teenager who has so much pain
Of rejection and fears that fuel an empty heart
It courses through the veins replacing the blood
I write about pain because that is all I know there is no
True happiness in my past
But feel no pity for me
Because this is what made me what I am today
The legend you see before you
Because I have overcome my fears
And fought every rejection
But you can never stop me
For my life has just reached the middle stage
And I need this time to edit and revise this story
To make it mine
This is just the rough draft and I’m in no hurry to publish this American heart song.

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