Ready, Here I Come

May 15, 2010
By Tarek GOLD, Riverside, California
Tarek GOLD, Riverside, California
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The world kind of just goes away, and I fly..

welcome to the game, imma play my position
now hear me real close and just please start to listen
dropping line after line you could say that im fishin'
serve the words like i cater you could say that im dishin'
flow shines so bright you would think that i glisten
got the power of a genie cuz i have you straight wishin'
im forgetting all the bull im not playin scotty pippen
im the hero in my life already killed all the villains
if the lines are too hot then get out of the kitchen
got my rhymes straight mixing got the ovens and the mittens
but the truth is that others want exactly what im living
i make Prime time decisions everyday as i post up
turn my swag on this morning as i woke up
broke ya, s--t, alright now let me fix ya
pause for a moment, Kodak moment, take a picture
running fat rhyme motivation too much snickers
running past present future no more time with time tickers
yeah im a writer and i write clean rap
i dont ever fall back, im just on the attack
every time the beat hits my heart stops cardiac

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