Her Eyes

May 14, 2010
Her eyes
hazel with a pinch of innocence
but behind the color lies a trace of turbulence

her outfit is of class
her hair tied to the back
her lipstick and her shoes match
her nail polish is black

she walks with a slight limp
and talks with a fiery tongue
for lunch she has shrimp
her attitude is a scary one

her appearence is very solemn
designed to tell nothing
but her eyes tell it all

look deeper
you can see a twinkle flicker
deep within them
and understand she grew up as a child of conflictions
and constrictions

mother died at a young age
and since then its been dark
her father never seemed to open up the curtains

spiderwebs of lies
entangle her
she never could find the truth
and everyday she wakes up to the nightmares of child abuse

she finds relief in her books
her belief is her education
she knows shes on a journey
but not sure about the destination

in everyway she prays
for a better day
and an escape from her trials

today she wears sunglasses
to disguise her eyes
and stop them from revealing her cries

P.S she thinks im too inquisitive

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lovespromise said...
Jun. 30, 2010 at 8:52 pm
This is beautiful. Is this about someone you know? It has amazing, yet complicated depth. Keep it up!
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