3 Words

May 14, 2010
I have three words,
These aren't just words,
These words are emotions,
These words make me.
They caress me gently,
Then they ask me.
How do I make you feel?
could you possibly love me,
or do you actually hate me?
every breath I exhale,
my heart just ache's to know.

Tonight just for one night,
Please, just give this to me,
Let me mindlessly indulge,
Absorbed into my joyous,
Yet hopeful fantasy.

You told me you were sorry,
And i told you that it's ok,
you cut out the emotions,
and made it quick in clean,
Then you sewed my chest up,
and just walked away.
Now all i have
is myself, my memories,
and three words.

These are just words,
They have no emotion,
They mangled my heart,
They became nothing,
I became nothing.
I could have said,
That you complete me,
The truth, is more one sided,
I wasn't completed.
I am nothing like,
Adding finishing touches,
to a magnificent painting,
or even close to,
Placing a puzzle's final piece.
Yet it was more simpler,
you did not complete me,
for the reason that you made me.

Words are made to be heard,
emotions are made to be felt,
combining emotions with words,
They're not meant to be heard or felt.
They are meant to be experienced.
There are just three words left,
They are forever more just words.

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