Who could be so great?

May 13, 2010
By corrin151 BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
corrin151 BRONZE, Destrehan, Louisiana
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Throughout my life I’ve seen this woman.
She has never seemed to falter,
Always on her own two feet.

Living through it all,
Seeing things one can only imagine,
The picture of this little family,
All together in front their home,
Waiting for the snap!

The picture is now warn and old.
Hanging in the frame,
She shows it to all of her family.
This means a lot.

Her life began in the year of 1911.
Surviving 100 years,
Her beautiful blue eyes,
And her distinctive smile,
Her wrinkly thin face,
You see her experience.

She’s such a strong woman.
Kind and generous,
Even if it’s not much.
Who else could be so great?

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