My Uncle

May 23, 2010
By , Lawrence, NY
My favorite uncle
i was suposed to be with him that week
but i didn't want to go
it's too cold in his camp in the middle of may
i was suposed to be with him
when he was working on the roofs
watching him fix while i play
friday afternoon i get a call
..."your uncle is in the hospital
he fell off the ladder fixing one of the roofs that was torn in the winter storm
he has suffered brain damage, he will die soon"
... you might want to go say goodbye and your last few words to him
i don't know what to think..
my favorite uncle
i was suposed ti be with him!
i chose not to go!
it was my choice!
now he is going to be gone forever!
i can't take back what i chose to do that week
but it will always linger in me
what would have happend if i was there with him?
maybe he wouldn't have fixed that roof on this visit to camp with me
maybe i would have been able to do something
there are to many possibilities
they linger in my mind
my uncle
my favorite uncle

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