day dreaming

May 23, 2010
By Lashe BRONZE, FORT MEADE, Maryland
Lashe BRONZE, FORT MEADE, Maryland
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soaking up the anticipation of your body colliding with mine, blurring the details behind. Painting this love across the sea, a whole street crowded with just you and me. We could paint the streetlights yellow with the beams from out love. We could cut down the telephone lines and swing from cloud to cloud. We can follow the moon with one eye shut, we can kiss the stars to replaces these fears of ours. Deciding to love, and live, makes you my world. this feeling of you inches towards my lips, and it isnt eased until we kiss. your fingers inching up my spine, details are blurred in this point in time.the line we shouldnt cross, where we shouldnt be, but this street of us, only you and me. is brighter than ever from each corner smile, two awkward dressing upon our faces, can linger a while.

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