Ode to a lost friend

May 23, 2010
I live in the past
Always wishing, hoping, dreaming
I had lived life just a little different
I spent days agonizing over what mistakes I've made
Missing out on what I can accomplish now
I cry over what friends I've lost when I should be focusing on the friends I've gained
I sit and stare in pain
Thinking about that one person from my past that seems to always affect my present
That one person I should of left behind
but never quite left my mind
The only person that I ever hurt
The only time I ever felt guilty
When I hurt him I got hurt worse
It's still perplexing that I think about this person every passing day
When he probably doesn't remember my name
I'm just that girl he used to know
To him I'm just a dark figure amongst the pure white snow
I see his tall body walk by
I see my past, present, and future
I see them walk by all dwelling with him
And then I see the it of darkness that is left
He's my past, present and future
He's the only thing I know
And yet he doesn't care
So why do I?

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