13, In Retrospect

May 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Some days I feel like trying
Some days I feel like crying
Most days are bearable
But some get the best of me
On these days
I fight with myself
In whether or not I'm good enough
On these hours
I look at the glass
As if it's half empty
On these minutes
It seems as if the world is laughing at me
On these seconds
I feel as if acceptance towards myself
Is as difficult to gain
As a stubborn attitude
Is to change
But then sometimes
In these dismal, depressing, days
I get to be with people
That can make my
Self-concious, self-destructive, seconds
Into minutes, hours, and days
That don't make me look at the glass as half empty or half full
But focus on the gorgeous designs on the side
Or in other words
The beautiful parts of life that people miss
Because just like the amount of water you take in
Self doubt can either refresh you
Or drown you
Luckily i see miracles rescue me from this everyday
I call them my best friends

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