Vagrant Lies

May 23, 2010
By MidoriMeanders SILVER, Canoga Park, California
MidoriMeanders SILVER, Canoga Park, California
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Bubble, I bubble green
Buoyed beneath a layer of swamp and sewage, my own sewage
Above, rippled gray light, algae, gnats
My liquid silhouette dribbles into thick browning muck
I swallow
I gag
Both beastly behaviors produce similar effects as I cringe, facial contortions
Slop lodges in the creases of my crow's feet, the creases of my lids
The creases of my furrowed brow
Pursed lips unsealed, I unintentionally awaken the breeding ground of my murky hypocrisies in an attempt to intake one sorry breath
My tongue disintegrates, burning from tip to tonsil
Wasted away
No longer stagnant, no longer content with my condition
fingernails long, curled, and thickened yellow, I claw at the disconfigured remains of a tongue
A flicking whip, a spreader of lies, a spinner of webs
The pain does not subside after the thing is done away with-- so I've no choice but to gnash my fangs together, pinch these lying lips closed and carry on
Bubble, I bubble green

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