May 23, 2010
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I’m at a loss for words
With all these emotions
And no way to express them
Reaching for anything to write down
But all that comes out is my feelings
Drowned and distorted
In the tears I’ve already wasted

My cheek is wet and my eyes are red
But with no direct channel for the sadness
I feel lost in my own head
I’m in a maze
And I’m not sure if the exit I’ve found
Has brought me to the same place
I came from

So many things are wrong
And so many things are right
I can’t decide what to be tonight
Happy or sad?
Seems like an easy answer to have

But my minds all gone
And I feel whacked out
Cause something is gone in my life
It feels like I can’t live without

Yet, suddenly a song comes on
And it all flows out
Not my tears, but the right words

It just feels right
Like some of those nights
The nights I’ll never forget
Whether I’m on top or so down low
It doesn’t matter cause it’s something
That I’ll always know
Always remember

Not just some conversation or event
That’s like talking about the weather
Something monotonous

Fill my life with something important
Change my life completely
The hardest things are what made me

Do you know what I mean?
Like the alzheimers
That is all my life

I was never meant to
Remember the fakeness of life
I’m glad I remember what hurts
And what makes me high

Cause this is what makes me
And I know I’ll never forget
The times that mean the most

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