(ME!) vs. (YOU!)

May 23, 2010
By xXxWickedxDreamerxXx BRONZE, Some Where Special, Texas
xXxWickedxDreamerxXx BRONZE, Some Where Special, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
you can't lose something that you never had


You're high class and spoiled!

always taking and spending never giving!

each day is a new personality change for you!


I'm middle class close to poor!

almost never asking for anything, not from any one!

I always give and don't expect to receive!

each day I'm always the same, not a single change!


Always worried if something benefits you!

thinking the world is wrapped around your little finger!

Like you're a puppeteer and we're all the dummies on strings for you to toy


Always wondering if what ever I do/ don't do will benefit someone else!

thinking I'm just another person trying to make it in this world!

I'm getting rid of my strings and shoving away my puppeteer....... it's
time I do something with my life with out being under someone's control!

And you know what if feels pretty good to be( ME!) , but the question is...
how does it feel being (YOU!) ?

The author's comments:
When I wrote this piece my sister and I were arguing and my mom kept messing with her and telling her that for her birthday we were going to take her to Good Will to buy her presents. It made her soo mad because she thinks that she's to good to shop at Good Will.

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