May 23, 2010
No matter what
Such sweet words
Such 2-D
Such flat words
So hollow
No meaning left in those
Cold over used
Misinterpreted words
I thought always meant
Never leaving your side
But now it means
Staying with you
Until they find someone better
No matter what used to be
Wherever you were
If I needed you
Then you would come
But now it means
You stay on the phone
Until you have to go
And I never hear from you
Until I call again
And forever
I really thought I had that one right
But I was wrong again
It used to mean
Until the end of time
But you taught me it only means
A few months
And then you're gone for good
Never to be seen again by me
And the only thing you left me with
Were sweet
Hollow words

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ShenelleCrystalx3 said...
Jun. 17, 2010 at 8:42 pm

This poem is absolutley amazing ! Your great , keep it up ! :)

Please come and check out my writing [comment and rate]Thanks♥

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