Nothing Last Forever

May 9, 2010
By Volleygirl25 SILVER, Pisgah, Alabama
Volleygirl25 SILVER, Pisgah, Alabama
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When I look into your eyes, tears fill up mine.
I see my world crash down,
& deep down I know,
I know I have to get out,
get out of this relationship before it's to late.

"Nothing lasts forever," I say as you just walk away.
"It wasn't meant to be," I say, "It wasn't working out this way."

It felt like I was drowning in your arms.
My heart was dying in your hands.
My life was falling apart in your presence.

"It wasn't meant to be," I say. "Nothing can last forever this way."
Somthings just aren't meant to be..

Can't you see you were suffocating me? You really shouldn't blame you, you know. You had your flaws to.

Nothing lasts forever.
"We just wern't meant to be together," I say.
As you get up and walk away..

The author's comments:
This explains how it feels sometimes trying to decide when to break up when you know the relationship is no good anymore.

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