Left Behind....

May 18, 2010
You leave us both behind,
going to a new group,
say you have no choice but to keep moving on.
You do have a choice,
you just choose not to take it..
leave us both behind because you are too scared to see what is the truth.
Why you are scared you've got no clue.
Can't open your eyes to see what's the truth. Tell me that you have no idea,
but you do, just don't know how to listen to them.
To live and regret for the rest of your life, the friends that you have left behind? Is that what you want? To live a life filled with regret?
People look at you with pity. Use you for your own selfish reasons, and still you do not see we actually care.
To keep our friendship alive you have to choose. It's one or the other can't always get two. If you choose the other then we too will fade away,
From each others memory, it is not impossible for anything is. Memory is short not forever. Nothing is permanent, everything can be erased...

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