May 18, 2010
By Anonymous

There is no explanation.
(The explanation is everywhere.)

It screams from the walls,
A declaration splayed in red words,
Burning deeper and deeper into the lonesome corridors of
The perpetrator’s soul.

It sears in the boy’s heart,
A message riddled in painful thuds,
As realization meets fear meets inevitability
Meets manhood.

There is no explanation.
(The explanation is everywhere.)

In every corner—
Brooding silently.
In every oxygen molecule—
Poison upon intake.
Staining every window with soot and grime,
Every floorboard with torturous decay.

He leaves.
And still…
There is no explanation.
That which his face bears,
His figure shudders with,
His heart holds up.

(The explanation is everywhere.)

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