Why all the Lies?

May 18, 2010
By Noel-Natale SILVER, Rison, Arkansas
Noel-Natale SILVER, Rison, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
Why should the sky be my limit when I know there's footprints on the moon?

I wonder...
Why is it so hard?
So hard to forge a friendship?
So hard to move on when bonds are broken?
So hard to keep my head held high?
So, so hard to keep that one tear from falling?
So hard to look him in the eyes and keep that fake smile?
So hard to laugh?
So hard to move on?
So hard...
So hard to keep walking?
So hard to figure out what I did wrong?
So hard to find someone new?
Yet, so easy to say 'I'm okay.'?

You really hurt me...
No, I'm okay. (Lies)
I wonder..

Why did you do it?

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