I've never felt this way before

May 18, 2010
I’ve never felt the way I do,
About anyone but you,
We’ve had some good times,
And we’ve had some not so great times,
But all I know is that there is no way to describe the way I feel about you,
That is why I’m writing this,
You’re everything to me,
I love you but that is not even close to explaining how I feel,
I love your eyes,
They remind me of the sky,
When you hold me close to you I feel safe,
I feel wanted for the first time in my life,
I used to be miserable,
It’s gotten better ever since I met you,
You complete me,
Without you I feel unwanted and I want to cry,
Even going through our short breakup I couldn’t survive without you by my side,
I need you in my life,
When are lips meet I see fireworks,
I want to be with you forever,
You are perfect for me,
We have a lot in common,
I knew sense the first time I looked into your eyes I liked you,
If I had one wish it would be to have me be the only girl you,
This is the best I can do to prove to you,
I’ve never felt the way I do, about anyone but you.

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