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May 18, 2010
It’s almost event sixty-eight as I walk to the start,
My teammates behind me, we all have our part,
I’m up now, waiting, goggles in place,
Take your mark, BAM, “here we go,” it’s a race,
I jump through the air, soaring high,
In the water kicking, but my opponents race by,
Reaching and pulling, I turn my head to the sky,
I kick harder but my lungs are so dry,
"You need air!" my brain screams, I surface fast,
Take a breath, flip turn, this lap is my last,
It’s the homestretch, my final breath,
I touch the wall, at last sweet rest,
I’m out of the pool, dripping wet,
Although not swimming, my job’s not done yet,
Yelling and cheering for my fellow team-mates,
Going completely ballistic in this extreme case,
Our anchorman, Jake, steps onto the block,
A very good swimmer; you can fear him or not,
You must always remember to give your best shot,
Don’t ever forget, because you’ll get caught,
He’s in the water, accelerating so fast,
Now… ahead, time seems to go past,
And before I know it the race is done,
I look left and right, cheers! we've won,
Smiles on our faces as we leave the race,
Because Wedgwood boys have just won 1st place.

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