May 18, 2010
Here I am
Walking in the dark
Footsteps behind me
Louder, louder
A hand comes up
Covers my mouth
My scream muffled
Heart pounding
Into the ally
Deep down in the darkness
A sweaty body pressed against me
I can’t scream
My arms flailing
My knee finds his soft spot
Jab to his stomach
Toppling over into the glow of lights
Half his face visible
Run, run
He stands up
I don’t move
Finally my savior
Help, I cry
Handcuffs on him
Shining lights
Phone calls being made
Are you okay Miss?
Am I, am I okay
Eye swollen shut
Lip bleeding
Stomach craving medical care
No I am not okay
I don’t answer
I cry
Just keep letting it out
My tears forming oceans
Into the cop car
Down to the station
At the station
Where’s my mom?
Where’s my dad?
Am I alone?
No, no I can’t be
I wake with a shrill cry
I’m in a white empty room
What happened?
I’m not sure
Here I am
Lying in the dark
I know where I am
In this white room
I’m strapped down
That was just dreams of my memory
Now I am in this stupid hospital
Am I really a danger?
To me or others
I don’t know

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