To Vlad

May 18, 2010
You cannot tell how I feel
As I look out at the world.
You think that we're okay,
That I'm happy you're happy,
But that's just a lie.
This mirror of my eye reflects how I wish to feel,
Not what's really going on inside.
My mind looks at you with disgust,
Amazed that one I used to love and trust could have been such a liar.
You were just an actor trying to feed a desire.
Now I see you for what you really are and you get the guise,
And you can't even tell,
Which just assures me that you never knew me that well.
You still can't read me,
Unable to absorb the contempt my conscious is radiating.
I am numbed with disgust,
So all you can see
Is the nice sweet girl
That I pretend to be.

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