Not Liberal Enough of a Space

May 18, 2010
By Lauren.H. GOLD, Lambertville, Michigan
Lauren.H. GOLD, Lambertville, Michigan
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Stay over on the far left side,
there’s no space for all of us here.
We’ve been pushed into this corner
with your ego standing by.
You lack the flexibility
to accommodate our needs.
Instead you cry foul over our encroaching;
such conceited superiority!
Your ignorance is stifling,
and you’re exclusively small minded.
You attempt to rub every soul raw
with your endless fighting.
Such debate goes on forever
since you cannot accept defeat;
you would continue rehashing arguments
until I’ve died of old age at your feet.
I cannot understand what is is you state
when you open your mouth to speak.
Those words about your fellow man;
what festers such rigid hate?
You claim God and wholeness on your side,
yet you’re the more corrupt.
As the rest of humanity is concerned,
you’re one higher up.
You insist upon your lofty throne,
reigning over your inflamed kingdom.
Our opinions impede on your considering
how far your power will grow.
Well, consider this, my haughty friend,
to conserve more than a crooked empire.
If we work together and you hear our thoughts,
this nation will be quicker to mend.
No? Okay, I thought I’d try
my hand at bipartisanship.
But that ship sunk and never set sail,
a campaign promise turned white lie.
But perhaps that elephant in the room
should be admitted to the hospital.
It’s turning feverish,
a shade of red,
and is becoming increasingly unstable.
Go and let the doctors handle it,
Dumbo’s ailment and blindness.
No heathcare, you say?
We passed that in the Senate!

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