May 20, 2010

The light seeping through the clouds slowly blinds me. Id rather live in darkness. A world of secrets and suspense. It makes me wish it were winter, those bitter winter nights bring quiet desolation. Now I'm sitting indoors, still being burned by the setting sun. The darkness I long for welcomes me back. I run, fly to it's side, smiling from ear to ear. A brush of wind coerces the naked skin of my cheek. I'm home once more, back to that peaceful burrow.
Sun, gone to bed.
Moon, playing hide and seek.
No stars, no light, no need to see.
The black wall of night begins to break. Crack, crack, right down the center. The bright white rips away at the empty shadows. No more is this twilight a perfection. Never again will I breath in peace. Now the light is over powering the grounds, it's swallowing me whole, I'm almost gone. I grab at the last bit of darkness, failure plunges me to my death.
For the last time,

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