Garden of the Seraph

May 20, 2010
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Fleeing, I escaped the havoc of my old travels.
In searching this new land I came across my Eden.
With a casual stare, the seraph opened the gates to paradise.
So beautiful, the enchanting were infinite; like its’ forever leading horizon.
I was to be shown, almost everything I would ever need in this world.
The sun never fell, and the moon never rose; I often closed my eyes to embellish in the luxury of nightfall.
When the darkness came, many times I found myself weeping.
Waking up with cloudy eyes, memories became the things to bring me happiness.
….And it was missing….something I had been searching for…something I lost.
Was it too heavenly here? I must…go.
With the same casual stare, the seraph, again, opened the gates.
As I stood hesitant in front of the world that laid before me
I heard his voice command: “Return to your paradise.”

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