help her

May 20, 2010
If people thought about the world the way I see thing now the world would be a better place of this I have no doubt.
Look at all the hungry then look at all the dead now think about the innocent new born babies in their tiny infant beds.
Look up at the sky and what do you see? Are the clouds white and is it sunny? No the clouds are dark and acid is falling.
Now take a look down to the ground and tell me what you see. Trees maybe one, or two, or three. And look at the grass poor grass is dying.
Think about the future and how things are heading will you live to see another day by the time you are eighteen?
Our home is dying and we are to blame we’re tossing mother earth straight into the flame.
Think about the children think about their heath think about the government what they are doing to help.
Do you see them donating to the needy and the poor? It’s time we change and open a new door.
Its time think about, before you hit the hay, what you have done to help the world so we can live another day.

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