The Wind

May 20, 2010
The wind blows through the trees,
Racing to stay with the car
As it races down the highway.
The distance lengthens and
Each second moves us part, further and further.

The wind carries his scent.
I wind down the window and inhale.
I can smell him.
I can see him.
I can sense his presence in the wind.

The wind carries her longing.
Her soul’s cry torments my ears.
Her tears fall and wet my face,
Soak my clothes, soaks my skin,
And drowns my heart.

The wind carries his words to my delicate ears.
It whispers “I love you now and forever.”
The words dance through my hair,
Lift my feet and soothe my heart.
“I will never let you go,” it whispered.

The wind grew furious.
It threw me this way and that.
It grabbed me fiercely by the shirt;
Her breath on my face.
A single tear rolled down my face.

The wind links us when we are apart.
The wind crosses those endless miles and sends our love.
The wind!
Oh the wind, how it connects us,
Oh how it distances us…

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