Fire and Ice

May 20, 2010
I open one door,
And I can’t believe,
What I see before my eyes.

First there is no light,
Except from a fire.
A yellow fire blazes to the dark sky.
It reaches,
It stretches to life.

I blink and step through.
I fall right through the floor,
Nothing to hold me up,
To hold my weight.

I get to the shore,
Swimming with my arms,
But my heart is beating faster with each stroke.

The ground feels prickly and sharp,
My bare feet edging with pain.
My eyes grasp the vision:

Waterfalls of fire,
Yeah they’re burning, burning.
The temperature rises at its desire.
The twigs turning to snakes,
The grass beneath my feet,
It turns to glass.
The ground, it shakes in fear.

Leaves are turning to ice cubes,
And droopy black clouds release H2O,
But the fire stays aglow.

Every tear I try to cry turns to ice,
But burns in the next second.
I try to sleep,
On a blanket made of the snake’s venom,
But I don’t know if they’ll turn on me.
I could wake up,
With burning flesh,
Or frozen limbs.

Suddenly a voice is heard,
A quiet but comforting voice.
It brings hope to my mind.
“Come,” it whispers as the wind brushes my face.

I take the advice given,
And follow the mysterious path that is put in front of me.
“Where am I going?” I ask the voice,
Step by step leading me into a dark forest.

Then there is another set,
A set of prints,
Foot prints begin walking the path alongside me.
“Who are you?” I ask the steps as they turn a corner.
“I am the light of the darkest hour.
Follow my commands, and you will be free,”
I continue silently until we reach a door.

“What am I set free from?”
A breeze,
As soft as a baby kitten’s purr,
Rushes by, and we stop.
“It will be gone,” it replied.
“The blind will see.
The thirsty will never be thirsty again.
The crippled will walk.
The suffering and pain,
Do you want it gone?”

I nod as the wind pushes me back to my feet,
Avoiding a fall.
“I am the door.
No one comes to the Father,
Except through me.”
The voice echoes through the trees
And also sends a shiver down my spine.
“I accept,” I reply and enter the door.

I see a gate,
Made with jewels and stones.
Streets made of gold,
And the sky is bold,
With its bright yellow light.
A smell reaches my nose,
A sweet scent.

The poles holding the gate,
They’re solid gold as well.
A waterfall stands in gratitude,
The water looking swell.

Suddenly the gate opens.
A man,
Robes and cloth,
Beard and a smile,
Walks through arms outstretched.

“Jesus!” I call to Him.
He looks me in the eye and says,
“You are my child.”
I’m rapped in a graceful hug,
From my Lord Jesus Christ.

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