May 20, 2010
By Anonymous

Here we are again,
Back in school,
Wasting our short time.
We shuffle through these depressing halls
Following hollow orders from our superiors.

Why do we waste our time here,
When we know
We only have about 75 more years to live?
To get the most out of this bleak life.

I see the gullible fools,
Laughing and feeling like they’re on top of the world.
But soon they will be under the world,
Six feet under,
In a coffin,
Rotting away.

I look at the ink stains on my hands,
I imagine its blood,
My blood.
If I were to die right now
Would anyone care?
Maybe for a month, a year,
But eventually we waste away in time.
No one will care,
No one will remember.

Why do we spend time fitting in?
We should stand out,
Make a small impression on the world.
Yet we’re here,
Slowly dying,
Each day.

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