Little Do They Know

May 18, 2010
By hottsoup11 BRONZE, Mulberry, Florida
hottsoup11 BRONZE, Mulberry, Florida
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On the verge of tears
She calls out in pain
The hopelessness and fear surround her
But little does she know he is there
He always has been and always will
Little does she know
He sees hope and loves her
He sees the walls keeping everything out
And still tries to gain her trust
For without that the walls will never come down
And if the walls don’t fall
He will not be able to help
He cares and fears for her
He sees her pain and hurts for her

Little does he know
She is about to give in
She is about to let them win
Until his call
He saved her life again
He gave her enough hope to go on for another day
Without him she wouldn’t be here
Without him she would be another gravestone
Without him she would have given up without a chance to live
He saved he life but may never know
For she is to afraid to say
She thinks the disguise hides all
And her walls keep her pain safe.

But little do they know
The end is near for her
It will come without warning to both
When it comes he will blame himself
For not doing more
For not telling her
But little does he know
No one could stop that car
No one could stop the ice
No one could change that night
But the drunk who choose to drive.

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