Through the Looking Glass

May 18, 2010
By , Mesa, AZ
Down this hole that Alice fell,
Where no creature could ever dwell,
She discovered a world that was all her own,
Never realizing that she wasn’t alone.

In this place, her heart went wild,
She looked all around, and then she smiled,
For there were mirrors every which way,
And she noticed she could just not look away.

Some made her look funny; some made her look tall,
Some made her look not very attractive at all,
But one single mirror made her look thin,
As she stared she felt a peace come from within.

“This,” she said, “is what I want to be.
Not the chubby girl I normally see.”
Then in the mirror, a smile appeared,
A cat then told her what she had feared.

In order to look like this girl she saw,
She would have to focus on every flaw,
She would have to begin by not eating food,
Then exercise even when not in the mood.

She would have to listen to all that he said,
And follow the path, to which she is led,
Alice agreed without giving much thought
She agreed to listen and do what she was taught.

The path she was led was dark and scary,
She never once thought that she should be wary,
All because she was young and naïve,
The struggles she’d soon face, she could not conceive.

But the cat, he knew what she would do,
She would listen to him and eat nothing too,
Then she would grow thin, and weak at that,
She would never question this lovable cat.

Although she was angry, when he did persist,
That tea party would just have to be missed,
She followed blindly to what one person said,
Never to turn back and go home instead.

Now, she is dead, starved in a hole,
All because that cat took over control,
She could have turned back before it was too late,
But she listened blindly and this was her fate.

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