Near Death

May 18, 2010
By wack11 BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
wack11 BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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Near Death

Surging pain on impact
A cry for help lost in the waves
Sudden darkness; all is quiet
Memories long forgotten reappear, then disappear just as fast
Awake again,
Where am I?
It all comes back; the turn, the wave, the fall, the pain
I cough up water as my dad squeezes
My head is ringing
My mom is screaming
In a daze I’m on the boat
I realize I am safe
I wonder now…
What is my purpose?

The author's comments:
This poem is about the time when i was tubing with my friend at my cottage. I fell off my tube and was knocked unconsious. The poem explains the rest.

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